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The Dental Dangers of Christmas

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As we quickly approach Christmas Day and all the delicious food that we have to look forward too, don't forget to look after your teeth and be careful what you eat. Without dental insurance, dental emergencies over the festive period can get very expensive. With a choice of dental insurance plans, some which can include dental emergencies, getting yourself covered for Christmas and beyond could be a good idea.

Here's some of the dental perils to look out for over the Christmas period:

Christmas Nuts

We all love the Christmas tradition of cracking nuts, maybe around an open fire if you're lucky enough to have one. But pay attention to what you are eating as there's always a naughty hard nut waiting there to crack your teeth or crowns!

Sweetie Time

Passing round the tub of Christmas sweets can be like a game of dental roulette. Who hasn't thought they are getting a coffee creme only to bite into a hard one! Do we even need to warn you about the danger of toffees, who hasn't lost a filling on a toffee and watch out for those hidden nuts!

Snack Time

There is so much food around over Christmas and constantly reaching for the fridge to find a quick snack means that your mouth doesn't get a break. Give your teeth and gums time to recover and build up some healthy bacteria to fight off those mouth gremlins.

UnPopped Popcorn

Popcorn is becoming an increasingly popular Christmas snack, but tread carefully as it is responsible for a rise in dental emergencies. Unpopped corn can crack a tooth or crown and the husks can get caught in your gums, causing an infection.

Bubble Time

It's a time for all manner of fizzy drinks from champagne to sodas, to sparkling water. Just remember that these drinks contain alot of sugar and even sparkling water can be harmful. Carbonating drinks is an acidic process and can contribute to wearing away enamel.

Stained Teeth

We all know to be careful with the old red wine or port as it can stain your teeth, but did you know that white wine can too? White wine is more acidic than red wine and can erode your teeth's enamel and leave them more vulnerable to staining and other damage.

Lack of Routine

As we hit the middle part of Christmas and routine goes out of the window, don't let your oral health routine slip. Stick to cleaning your teeth twice a day and flossing. If you've had a big Christmas getting those teeth nice and clean has never been more important.

Trick Time

Don't get carried away this Christmas and use your teeth for party tricks. We have seen countless claims for people who have tried to crack their bottle open with their teeth or even crack a nut with a molar. Don't do it guys!

At Get Dental Plans we wish you all a wonderful Christmas and New Year and hope you all stay safe and look after those teeth. If you would like extra support for your oral health for you and your employees, why not contact us to talk about the range of company dental insurance plans that we offer.


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