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Don't Let Oral Health Problems be the Reason for Staff Absenteeism

dental insurance

Here at Get Dental Plans, we know that dental insurance is a great benefit to have for any employee, but often employers are unsure about the benefits that company dental insurance can offer their employees.

Our dental insurance plans offer the following benefits:

  • Money back for check-ups including x-rays and examinations

  • Adult and child orthodontic cover available

  • Dental Implant cover available

  • Money back for scale and polish performed by a dentist or hygienist

  • Money back towards dental treatments such as fillings, bridges, crowns, root canal treatment, extractions and dentures

  • Cover for dental accidents and emergency care

Plus there are the benefits of knowing that your employees health is well cared for.

Looking back at research from 2017 from The Oral Health Foundation, it was estimated that 1.2 million days of work were missed in a year, with one day of absenteeism costing an average of £82.86 to the economy, according to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD). For businesses, this means employees could be taking time off for dental conditions that could have otherwise been picked up by regular dental check-ups. Even if dental concerns are not yet causing serious issues, if employees come in to work with dental pain, this can negatively impact their productivity. So that's a lot of lost income that can be reduced by investing in dental insurance for your employees.

Other things to consider in the workplace is instilling healthy attitudes in your employees and the services you provide them. Have you considered what is available in your work canteen and vending machines? Is there a constant array of sugary drinks and snacks? Are there other more healthy optiions that you could provide? And let's not even talk about cake Friday! By increasing education about sugar and the risks of over-consumption and providing healthier alternatives, there are opportunities that would benefit both employers and employees in healthier lifestyles and profits!

Prevention is definitely better than cure, and alongside introducing healthy living ideas into your workplace dental insurance plans can provide a great benefit catching in dental health issues before they cause a problem.

To find out more about our company dental insurance plans from Get Dental Plans please contact us.


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