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Do You Know How Dental Insurance Protects Your Employees?

dental insurance

At Get Dental Plans, we have been offering company dental insurance plans in the UK for many years.  We take all the hard work out of sourcing the best plans for you and your employees to bring you the best dental insurance plans.  By doing this we have negotiated the best prices for you, so you don’t need to go anywhere else.

Dental care is often an overlooked benefit, as you may feel that your employees have access to NHS care, however there are so many other benefits to good oral health.  Offering your employees this benefit can help to protect their overall health and that of their family and can be a strategic investment in your workforce's health and productivity.

Dr Neil Sikka, Chief Dental Officer, Bupa, UK Insurance comments:

“The rising cost of dental care, coupled with the well-documented NHS dentistry crisis, is putting a strain on many employees' wallets and overall well-being. A recent study by Healthwatch, found that people are experiencing financial hardship due to the lack of access to NHS care.”

Why not make it easier for your employees and their family to access affordable dentistry close to home?  Employee expectations towards benefits are rising, with a strong focus on health and well-being. Many employees view dental insurance as a core element of any benefits package.  Get Dental Plans are here to help you.  Why not contact us today for more information?

At Get Dental Plans, we offer a variety of plans that cover all key conditions, including pre-existing, namely:

·       check-ups

·       x-rays

·       hygienist

·       fillings

·       crowns

·       bridges

·       implants

·       root canal

·       extractions

·       periodontal treatment

·       emergency & accidents

·       NHS & private

·       Worldwide cover

There is no need for your employees to change dentists either. 

Dr Neil has compiled the top five key reasons to consider offering dental benefits to your employees:

1. Promote a Culture of Prevention:

All of our dental insurance plans include check-ups and hygienist visits, the benefits of which are huge and can help to prevent further issues oral health developing. This helps to ensure that employees to stay in work and stay healthy.   Early detection of problems allows for less-invasive and more affordable treatment down the road, and less staff absenteeism.  All our plans can cover the whole of the family, ensuring that the prevention message extends to all.

2. Empower Employees to Manage Chronic Conditions:

Chronic oral health conditions, like gum disease, are quite common.  Dental insurance empowers employees to better manage their dental care through regular check-ups and deep cleanings. This proactive approach can significantly improve their overall oral health.  If your employees are experiencing any pre-existing conditions we can offer immediate cover.

3. Invest in a Healthier, Happier Workforce:

Extensive research demonstrates the strong link between oral health and overall well-being. Untreated conditions like gum disease can exacerbate existing medical conditions, including diabetes and heart disease. By promoting preventive care, dental insurance contributes to a healthier lifestyle and reduces the likelihood of sickness absence in employees and their dependants.

4. Boost Productivity and Reduce Absenteeism:

The Journal of Dental Nursing reports that 3 in 10 people take time off due to toothache, leading to millions of lost working days annually. Dental pain and discomfort are significant productivity disruptors. By making treatments more accessible and affordable, insurance plans can minimise employee absenteeism and reduced productivity due to illness.

5. Meet Growing Employee Demands:

With many NHS dental services struggling to meet demand, employees are increasingly looking to employers for solutions.   Reports show that over 63% of people are struggling to get an NHS dental appointment.  Offering dental insurance demonstrates your commitment to their well-being and allows access to immediate care, bypassing NHS waiting lists that can stretch for months.

Invest in a Smiling, Healthy Workforce:

By offering dental insurance, you're not just providing a valuable benefit; you're investing in a healthier, happier, and more productive workforce. Take the first step today and contact us to explore dental insurance options for your employees.


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