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Brushing Up on Your Gum Health

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At Get Dental Plans, we are passionate about good oral health and the the mantra that protection is better than cure. All of our company dental insurance plans include check-ups and hygenist visits, to help you in this challenge. An effective teeth cleaning regime is the first line of defence for good oral health, but did you know that it could also help to turbocharge your immune system?

Gums are often forgotten in an oral health regime, until they start to cause you problems. Receeding gums cause a whole wealth of problems, leaving gaps around the teeth that let all the bad guys in.

It is estimated that around 80% of people in the UK experience a small level of gum issues. Most of which can be prevented with a good dental hygiene regime, and where possible check-ups and hygienist vists, although we appreciate that at present this is harder to access. There are 10% of people that never have any problems, but that leaves the remaining 10% that experience the effects of gum disease full on. So the objective it to stop it in the first place and if that's not possible, aim to stop it in its tracks, to halt further progression.

Did you know that around 85% of the damage done to our gums, is due to how our immune system reacts with the bad bacteria in our mouth? This bacteria is found in plaque, so regular cleaning and removal of plaque the the first line in your defence.

Getting rid of the bacteria is obviously important, but looking at how to boost your immune system to reduce the strength of the bacteria creates a win win situation. Did you know that in our bodies we have twice as much bacteria as human cells. This helps to maintain our systems in a good balance and you don't want to tip the scales in either direction.

We've all heard about good bacteria and boosting our gut health, so you understand that we have good and bad bacteria in our body. So taking pro-biotic supplements and foods will allow the good bacteria to flourish and help in the battle against gum disease.

Another way to boost the immune system is by losing weight, reducing stress and getting fit. By being fit we can reduce gum disease by 15%, amazing!

There are so many benefits to boosting our immune system, especially in times of Covid when it is harder to access dentists. So take good care of the whole of your body and keep that bacteria under control.

If you are looking for ways to help your employees to boost their immunity and stay in good health, why not contact us today to see how a company dental insurance plan can help.


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