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Cost of NHS Dental Care to Rise

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As charges for NHS dental services in England are set to rise by 5% on 1 April, is it time to consider dental insurance, to ensure unexpected costs from your dentist? At Get Dental Plans, we offer a range of dental insurance plans to cover companies, individuals and families.

The cost of a check-up is set to rise by £1.10, from £21.60 to £22.70, as part of an increase to dental charges announced in Parliament this week. This change will only apply in England, as Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland set their own dental charges – see below for more info.

How are NHS dental charges changing?

Band one charges – which cover basic care including check-ups, advice and some emergency dental care will be rising by £1.10, from £21.60 to £22.70.

  • Band two charges – which cover procedures such as root canals, fillings and removing teeth will be rising by £3, from £59.10 to £62.10.

  • Band three charges – which cover more complicated procedures such as crowns and dentures will be rising by £12.80, from £256.50 to £269.30.

  • In Wales, NHS patients will also face increases to their dental charges on 1 April. Band one charges will be going up by 30p, from £14 to £14.30. Band two charges will be going up by £1, from £45 to £46. Band three charges will be going up by £4.10, from £195 to £199.10.

  • In Scotland and Northern Ireland, anyone not eligible for free dental treatment or help with costs must pay 80% of the cost of their dental treatment, capped at £384. The Scottish Government and Northern Ireland's Department of Health both said there were no immediate plans to raise fee scales.

Dental insurance plans are a great way to save yourself from the unexpected costs of dental treatments. We have a wide variety of dental insurance plans for companies and individuals that can cover treatments such as fillings and extractions, to implants or tooth whitening. Each plan is different depending on your needs, please take a look at our company and individual plans for more detail on what is covered.

To get a quote for dental insurance for you, your family or your business, please contact us at Get Dental Plans and we will find the right dental plan for you.

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