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Dental Insurance - Immediate Cover and No Waiting Periods - An Explanation

no waiting dental insurance

At Get Dental Plans, we work in conjunction with some of the main UK dental insurance providers to bring you some of the best policies on the market. So you don’t have to worry about making the wrong decision for you or your family. Through our experience in the dental insurance market, we are seeing a great demand in no waiting dental insurance policies, so what does this actually mean?

It is usual for dental insurance policies to offer immediate cover for dental maintenance such as check-ups and hygienist visits. However, dental treatment such as fillings, crowns and bridges usually have a waiting period before you can claim, usually two or three months.

We can now offer customers who have a company with a minimum of five employees a fully comprehensive dental plan with no waiting periods for maintenance or treatment. This means that you can take out a plan and literally claim straight away. There are no pre-joining checks, or qualifying periods and employees can start claiming straight away with no waiting period, some exclusions may apply to some pre-existing conditions. Additional benefits are available for implants and orthodontic cover for both adults and children. Family members may be added if required.

Cover is available for everyday costs, such as routine check ups, examinations and x-rays. It will also include cover towards scaling, polishing and hygienist's fees. In addition cover is available for dental treatment, such as fillings, extractions, crowns, bridges and dentures. Implant cover, root canal treatment, periodontal, veneers, mouthguards and adult and child orthodontic cover can also be included within a plan.

This is where no waiting, immediate cover comprehensive dental insurance policies can ensure immediate treatment is available with your choice of dentist and contribute towards the cost of treatment.

The best way to protect yourself, and your employees is to take out a dental insurance policy now, before you are facing a bill. You can see more about our individual, family and company dental insurance plans here.

Why not contact the team at Get Dental Plans to see how we can help you and your business today with our no waiting dental insurance plans.


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