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The Benefits of Dental Insurance

dental insurance

At Get Dental Plans, we are well aware of the issues facing our clients and dentists at the moment during the Coronavirus pandemic. Due to social distancing cleaning regimes, it is harder to get a dentist appointment and the costs of dental insurance are starting to rise, as dentists need to cover their costs. This is dependant upon your dentist and where you are in the UK, but it is a nationwide issue.

We appreciate that you may have taken out dental insurance to preserve you and your employees dental health - you are in the right place. By maintaining your dental insurance now, you can rest assured that you are covered should any dental issues occur during the pandemic. We have been working closely with our corporate dental insurance clients and can report back that this advice has been widely accepted by our clients, who have been able to access the necessary dental care through their policies when needed. This cover has been especially important when only private dental care is available.

If a client were to cancel their dental insurance during the pandemic and then when needing treatment look to renew their policy, sadly it is unlikely that they will receive the cover they need. Therefore, all those premiums they have previously paid for will have no benefit to them or their employees. So look after your dental insurance now, and it will look after you.

There are many benefits of taking out a company dental insurance policy, but did you know that our policies cover routine treatments as well as specific dental conditions? Depending on the level of cover you have you can claim for:

  • Routine examinations x2 a year

  • X-rays

  • Scale and polish

  • Restorative treatments including fillings, root canal and extractions

  • A level of orthondonic cover is also included

That is a great saving against the overall annual cost of your premium. Therefore, some of the cost of your premiums can be recovered through these treatments and if you are lucky enough not to need to claim, this will help to keep your premiums low.

If you would like to find out how to take out dental insurance for your employees or how to make the most of your current policy, please contact us today and we will help you.


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