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How Has Covid Changed Employee Benefits?

As we start to prepare to return to offices, the one thing that we all know is that the world of work has fundamentally changed. With the technological developments that have availed themselves to us during lockdown, we definitely know is that we won't be going back to how they were. Many people plan to remain working at home permanently, so how does a socially distanced workplace actually function, when it comes to employee motivation and job satisfaction?

Building a good team working environment is being tested so ensuring that you boost staff morale and create a happy workplace when your team are scattered far and wide is a key concern. The return to large scale office buildings looks less and less certain. Employee benefits have never been more important.

When you are less in contact with your workforce, how can you build a package of employee benefits that works for them? Workplace benefits need to adapt to – there is little point a company having benefits designed around a certain way or working and lifestyle when neither of those exist any more.

Our research at Get Dental Plans shows that offering a wider suite of more flexible benefits is a positive way to reward and motivate staff. As people's working lives become less traditional, they need a way to be motivated that fits their lifestyles, one size no longer fits all. A suite of benefits that is inclusive and covers all employees needs is a positive step forward.

Not all employees will find the transition to working from home easy and a providing the right benefits could be helpful in smoothing this transition.

There are so many employee benefits to consider and having a wide range will be beneficial, to recognise a broader range of employee lifestyle, from tradtitional items like health insurance or gym membership to holidayswaps and nursery schemes. But have you ever considered adding dental insurance to the list?

The dental insurance plans that we offer at Get Dental Plans are only available to companies and are perfectly planned to work in line with employee benefit schemes. Our schemes can be funded entirely by the employer, part funded, or funded by the employee. With the rising cost of NHS dental care, a dental insurance policy takes the uncertainty out of looking after your oral health. Maintaining good oral health has overall health benefits as there are a number of health conditions that are related to poor oral health. It will also help to maintain overall health and thus reduce employee absences. Feeling well and healthy in a remote environment has obvious benefits.

In these time when motivating your employees and being aware of their health and wellbeing is being challenged through remote working, can you afford not to have dental health insurance as part of your employee benefits package?

Why not contact us today to see how you can take your employee benefits forward.


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I was recommended to Paul Lewis for dental insurance by my dentist. Paul carefully explained all the features of the dental insurance plan and answered my numerous questions and concerns. 

John Stillitz  


We have been delighted with Get Dental and would highly recommend it to individuals or other companies for dental insurance. The policy is inexpensive and gives a wide cover of all aspects of dental care.

Marian Gold - Carlson Hughes Sales Consultancy

Our practice has greatly benefited from working with Get Dental Plans mainly as a result of the Corporate dental plan from BUPA as this allows patients to receive the treatment they need rather than the treatment they can afford.

Dr Tikam - Principal of Edgware Dental Practice



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