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Do You Need Dental Insurance?

Dental Insurance

There are lots of different types of dental insurance plans on the market. Those that can help you cover your NHS treatment costs ranging to those that cover your treatment with a private dentist. It can be mind boggling trying to work out which type of dental insurance is right for you, your employees and your family members.

At Get Dental Plans, we have years of experience in the dental and private health insurance market. We have brought you a range of dental insurance policies that can work with NHS and private dentists alike. Therefore, why wouldn't you use our expertise to find the right dental insurance policy for you? We have looked over the whole of the dental insurance marketplace, to bring you of policies at a range of prices and levels to fit your budget and your health requirements.

As we have experience in the private health sector, we have identified that dental insurance requires specialist skills to bring you the most relevant policies, hence our specialist offering. Our dental insurance policies work with NHS and private dentists and are designed to be easy to claim for key treatments. We work closely with dental insurance providers and dentists. By selling our policies through dentists, we talk to them regularly and can really tailor our policies to what you, as a patient, really need.

All our dental insurance policies include cover for check-ups, hygienist visits and x-rays. So having the advised two dental check ups a year means you are covered for those costs already.

Unlike the NHS for health, when you have dental treatment the costs for an unexpected condition such as a root canal or an implant can be high. So by opting for dental insurance you know you are covered for you and your family for any unexpected costs.

We also see alot of people putting off visits to the dentist which eventually means issues to their oral health. This can result in other health treatments and time off work too, not to mention a hefty dentist bill. Having dental insurance means you can rest easy knowing that you are covered.

Don't leave your oral health, find out about our dental insurance policies for companies today. Or you can contact us to talk about your requirements.


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