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Dentist Re-opening in the UK

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As dentists plan to re-open in the UK on the 8th June, rest assured that at Get Dental Plans we are here to support you. Our office is open for any questions you may have regarding current dental insurance plans, or if you are considering taking out a new plan for your employees.

As dental surgeries plan to re-open, research indicates that nearly a third of Brits are reluctant to return to their dental practices post-lockdown. Dentists are reassuring the public that practices will be one of the most sterile environments in the country. Having a dental insurance policy on top of this, is an added reassurance that you are covered in the case of any unexpected dental charges.

Maintaining good oral health is important to maintain overall health and fitness and it can boost your immunity too. A healthy workforce with a good dental insurance policy is a great asset to have any time, but especially so now.

So don't put off going to the dentist, make your oral health a priority, plus your dentists need you back to support their business.

So When You Go to the Dentist How Could it be Different?

Going to the dentist is likely to be a very different experience once practices reopen.

All patients in need of treatment may be called and briefed on the new procedures in place and details of their appointment before visiting the practice. They may also be asked to complete and return a new medical history form digitally ahead of their appointment.

It is crucial that patients come to the practice alone where possible, with the exception of young children and those with carers.

The sort of measures practices will using could include:

  • Limiting use of waiting areas, with patients waiting outside if they arrive early

  • Waiting rooms chairs spaced two metres apart

  • Screening staff daily

  • Installing physical barriers, such as a plastic shield, in reception areas

Some dentists are already putting in place other measures, including regular deep-cleaning of the entire surgery, and adding UV-light cleaners and making hand sanitiser, masks and gloves mandatory for all patients in the waiting area.

It is vital for dentists to maintain high hygiene standards to prevent the spread of the virus and to ensure the health of their patients too. Dentists are here for you, so support them and your health with a visit.

If you are an employer that doesn't already off their staff the employee benefit of dental insurance, don't delay and contact us today to find out how your staff can access this.


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