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Why Should Companies Offer Dental Insurance to Their Staff?

Dental Insurance

Dental Insurance is becoming a very popular employee benefit. By offering your staff (minimum 2 employees) a good quality dental insurance contract, you will provide your staff member with a benefit that they can utilise regularly for routine check-ups and hygienist visits as well as a whole host of additional treatments.

Whether they use an NHS dentist or a private dentist they can literally claim back every day costs and have cover towards more expensive dental treatments such as crowns, fillings and root canal treatment. Implant cover is now available as well as orthodontic treatment.

There is generally no waiting period before members of a company plan can make a claim and pre-existing conditions are usually covered.

By offering your staff a highly valued employee benefit such as dental insurance you will also show your staff that you have their best interests at heart and value them. Showing that you value your employees is a natural way to increase loyalty and help boost employee morale.

It will also reduce absenteeism as having regular check-ups can help towards good dental health therefore reducing time taken off sick.

By offering good benefits you give staff members more reason to care about your business and remain loyal and work harder therefore increasing profits.

The cost of Dental insurance starts from around £8.00 per month and Get Dental Plans can advise and effect cover very quickly. Family members may be added at an extra cost. Claiming is very simple and there is no need for a dental examination before applying.

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