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Dental Insurance and Coronavirus

During this difficult time, we wanted to remind you of the benefits of corporate dental insurance and why it is still relevant for you and your employees. But lots of the dentists are closed and we can't get treatment, so why do we need it, we hear you say. Here are some important things to consider for existing and new dental insurance customers.

The most important element of dental insurance is prevention. Receiving regular check-ups, that are covered by your dental insurance policy, is the most important way to preserve your oral health. Therefore, our current dental insurance customers who have been having regular check-ups are less likely to need unpredictable emergency dental cover. Maintaining good oral health is a great benefit for employers and employees alike, reducing illness and staff absences. Once lockdown is over, ensuring that you continue with your regular check-ups covered by your policy is important.

Our dental insurance policies are very keenly priced to be competitive in the market. Plus, if you are an existing customer, some of our older policies cover things that cover is no longer available for, so look after your policies. We are always available to talk to your about your dental insurance and how we can make your plans work harder for you.

In this time of Coronavirus, we appreicate that there is only emergency dental cover, but if you are in need of help, an existing dental insurance policy will have you covered. If you are looking to take out a new policy, some conditions will be covered as long as they aren't pre-existing.

Finally, when lockdown is over, NHS dentists will be under a lot of pressure, catching up with emergency work. As we mentioned the check-up is still very important and a good way to maintain your oral health. Our dental insurance policies cover private and NHS dentists, offering you more flexibility in where you can receive your dental treatment. If you are considering taking out a new policy for you and your employees can still continue to use your current dentist, be it a private or NHS one.

Whatever your situation, we hope that you stay home, well and safe. Look after your oral health and the team at Get Dental Plans are here to help you.


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