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One in 10 UK adults are more self conscious of their teeth, following the pandemic

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This is according to the latest research from the Oral Health Foundation.

Have you become accustomed to spending your day on Zoom. Fed-up of looking at yourself during meetings, or have you worked out how to turn that functionality off?! It's a big deal to be looking at yourself all day and this has had a knock on effect on people's perception of their looks, especially their teeth? Whilst only some of our dental insurance policies include cosmetic treatment, a dental insurance policy can help to maintain the appearance of your teeth. So if you have been happy with your appearance during lockdown, maybe you already have dental insurance? But, if you do, we hope that you will recommend Get Dental Plans to all of your colleagues.

The fresh data reveals that more than half (58%) of adults in Britain point towards online video calls as a key reason for changing their perception of their smile.

Other findings include:

  • One third (33%) now more aware of the colour of their teeth

  • Almost one quarter (24%) more conscious about teeth alignment.

And the majority (58%) report face masks having a detrimental effect on making connections with others, as well as forming friendships.

The data, released as part of National Smile Month, found the above applied to a significant 62% of female respondents.

Increased use of technologies

Dr Nigel Carter – chief executive of the Oral Health Foundation – puts heightened smile awareness down to elevated use of digital technologies.

He labelled the use of these softwares as an ‘invaluable tool’ during the pandemic.

‘Physical interactions have been limited over the last 12 months. For many, these have been replaced with gatherings online,’ he said.

‘This technology has been an invaluable tool, whether it be facilitating business meetings or allowing grandparents to see their newborn grandchildren for the first time.

‘It has also led to us seeing our own face, and smile, far more than we are used to.’


He added: ‘The colour and shape of our teeth are the first things we tend to notice. Feeling self-conscious is quite normal.

‘What we must remember, however, is that the most important part of the smile is its health.’

Dental Insurance

Taking our a dental insurance plan for you and your employees is a great way to help to preserve their overall health as well as their oral health. With these new findings about how people view themselves and their self esteem being directly linked to productivity at work, you can really start to see the benefits of offering dental insurance as an employee benefit.

Why not contact us today to see how we can help you find the right dental insurance policy for your company.


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