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The Affordability of Dental Care

dental insurance

As you will have seen, we at Get Dental Plans are fully behind National Smile Month and the great results that they achieve each year. They are fully committed to promoting the importance of oral health and the overall health benefits. One of the key elements of this is regular visits to the dentist. However, a lot of people put this off due to cost, with 27% of the population visiting the dentist only when they have a problem.

Did you know that:

  • 63% of people use NHS dentists for cost reasons.

  • 19% of dentists have delayed their treatment due to cost.

  • One in 10 would cut oral care products from their shopping list for financial reasons.

With 88% of adults without dental insurance there is an easy solution to this problem. Our dental insurance policies start from a low monthly rate and can cover your whole family. This takes away the uncertainty of paying for your treatment, and there’s no reason to avoid visiting your dentist. If you are a company, we also offer corporate plans. This can contribute to your employees overall health and well-being. Plus, our company plans offer a no waiting period for some dental treatments. Don't forget that for every plan taken out during National Smile Month, we will be donating to this important charity.

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