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Simple Straightforward Dental Insurance Solutions

Dental insurance

We are so excited at Get Dental Plans about the rapid growth of company dental insurance. It’s one of the only insurance policies available whereby if you need it you can buy it and claim straight away. There are no waiting periods and pre-existing conditions are covered.

Get Dental Plans are independent dental insurance specialists and we provide access to top quality dental insurance plans which are discounted in price due to our strong relationships with our insurance provider partners. It is often cheaper to buy a plan through Get Dental Plans than going directly to the insurer. Our plans are flexible and simple to understand.

Cover is available for companies with just a minimum of two employees and there is no age limit. Immediate cover is available for check-ups, hygienist’s visits and treatments such as fillings, crowns and root canal. Implant cover is also available as its orthodontic cover for adults and children.

Finding an NHS dentist is becoming difficult therefore dental insurance is becoming one of the most popular employee benefits.

Dental issues can be very painful and many people put off a trip to the dentist due to fear of high costs. You will be amazed how well received this benefit is amongst employees and it’s just so easy and simple to use. Visit for details or call 0800 0857 123.

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