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Dental Insurance Testimonials

We have had a family dental insurance plan, which we took out with Bupa through Paul, for the past few years. We have always found it very easy to make claims, but recently when we had an issue with a claim for treatment for one of our children, we turned to Paul and within 24 hours everything was sorted in our favour! Paul is very easy to get hold of and extremely knowledgeable, friendly and on the ball! We highly recommend taking out a policy through him! 

Hayley Springer

I would like to say a very big, "thank you" to Paul Lewis for his helpful and efficient organisation of dental insurance for my company. He provided clear and concise information; any queries were answered by return and he was always amiable whilst totally professional. Paul found us the best deal possible and we're thrilled. It could not have been more straightforward. Thank you.

Lesley de Meza


I would like to thank Mr Lewis and his colleagues for organising our company dental cover. They were most helpful and their recommendation was excellent we have had no issues with claims and some of our staff who required expensive dental treatment have been able to go ahead as they have been covered by the insurance policy. Thanks to Get Dental Plans all our dental requirements have been covered.

North West London Physio & Treatment Centre


We never realised what good comprehensive dental insurance is available to small businesses until we were introduced to Get Dental Plans. We were treated professionally and their advice was second to none . Through Get Dental Plans our company now have dental cover for all our employees and we are most grateful as dental treatment  is expensive and the worry of having to find extra money when you don’t expect it has now been taken away.

Crownwood Medical Centre


I would like to thank Get Dental Plans for their professional service which my staff have benefited from.  Until we contacted GDP we did not realise the options available to small businesses in regards to dental cover. I feel dental cover is an important staff benefit and one which is happily received and appreciated. I will certainly recommend Get Dental Plans to my contacts who are looking for dental cover as they are a pleasure to deal with and they know what they are talking about!

J. Williams


I cannot thank Paul & Debbie enough for all their expert help in simplifying what can be quite a complex world of insurance. My patients have been extremely grateful for being directed to them. I have repeatedly been told by them how quick, simple & straight forward the process was.
They have taken out of my hands an area I know little about & in doing so have made my day to day dentistry much simpler from an administrative perspective. I can continue to focus on my hobby: optimizing the nations dental health!
Hampstead Dentist


I only heard about Get Dental Plans three months ago and was sceptical at first, as their corporate plan was too good to be true.  Paul did a very professional presentation over a lunch and learn training session and we were convinced immediately it was a win/win/win situation. Our practice has greatly benefited from working with Get Dental Plans mainly as a result of the Corporate plan from BUPA as this allows patients to receive the treatment they need rather than the treatment they can afford. Pre-existing conditions are covered and the claims procedure is very straight forward. In some circumstances Implants are covered. My staff and I get patients to call Get Dental Plans as they are brokers who scan the market for a plan to suit the individual patients needs as his staff know the products on offer, have a dedicated website and freephone helpline number so get your patients dialing as we do.

Dr Tikam - Principal of Edgware Dental Practice



I think the new Dental Insurance scheme we discussed is a really good scheme. It is a NO BRAINER, win win for all involved:

  • The patients get a good insurance scheme, which pays back for regular maintenance, emergencies, some routine procedures, and in some instances up  to £2,000 per year for all treatments (including dental implants) with no preconditions!

  • The Dentist knows their patients are covered for any emergency/trauma risks; Also, if the patient has an insurance company who pay back some of the expenses- more treatment may be accepted by the patients which otherwise would not be accepted, which will help the patients, and dentist alike.

I found Paul Lewis of Get Dental very helpful; I make my patients aware of the availability and possibilities of dental insurance and give them the tel no of Get Dental; the rest is done by Paul and his win for all involved!!!!

Dr Michael Frankl - Lotus clinic


Get Dental Plans is a service that I make my patients aware of, as they advise on various dental insurance plans that are available to both individuals and companies. They also have special rates and offers on some of the plans.

Dr George Druttman, Principal Dentist - CAP City Dental


I am writing to thank Paul Lewis at Get Dental Plans for his guidance and advice as he helped to secure a dental plan for my Company.  I was recommended to Paul Lewis by my dentist. Paul carefully explained all the features of the plan and answered my numerous questions and concerns. I was particularly impressed with the support team at Get Dental who clarified a few details in Paul’s absence and then helped the plan to go live within a few days.

John Stillitz 


Get Dental Plans are fantastic, they made my job/life so much easier by organising the scheme with BUPA for my company.  All I had to to was provide our info and we were covered instantly!  I highly recommend Paul and the team as they are extremely efficient and helpful.

Laura Harris at Fusion Residential


We have a close relationship with Get Dental Plans.  I have found their advice helpful, honest and straightforward. Some of our patients have taken out insurance on their advice and were very happy how they were dealt with in every aspect.

Keith Burns - Keith Burns Associates Dentists


Since I have had dental cover, my family and I have claimed with no issues for a number of treatments. For very little cost my policy which covers all my family's dental requirements is very comprehensive and claiming is no problem, I am reimbursed within 10 days of paying the dentist. I would certainly recommend everyone to have a dental plan.

Clifford Baker, Bushey


My dentist recommended Get Dental Plans to me because of their comprehensive company schemes.  It was as simple as a phone call to Get Dental Plans and now I am rest assured that my employees are receiving the most amazing dental cover. One of them has already claimed for treatment - and they have received their money back!  If you have a company, call Paul Lewis at Get Dental Plans.  Happy employees, happy me!

Henry Ettinger, Speedway Clothing


I went to a new dentist with an emergency, he gave me your details, I am so thankful he did. Paul helped me through the process this has enabled me to have the best care for my teeth and I will not have to worry about the future cost. I have just received a text today to say they have processed the claim  - quick, easy, efficient. So happy there are companies like you - helpful honest & true to your word. Many thanks.

Michelle Pugh


I am writing to express my satisfaction with Get Dental Plans.  My dental insurance policy was easy to understand and my first claim was paid without any problem or delay. My policy compliments my health insurance policy that I have currently, as the health policy does not cover me for dental cover.

Stephen Slade


Get Dental Plans is an extremely useful scheme for affording private dental care.  It involves only an introduction from my practice and then no administration at all.  It gives patients immediate access to dental cover so they don't delay treatment.   It serves us well by removing a major barrier to accepting care and by improving our cash flow and case acceptance. It really is a win win opportunity.

Maish Weinstein - Dentist


Get Dental Plans made buying dental insurance a very easy and simple experience. Within a week of purchasing a company plan I needed a tooth extracted and an implant. We rang for authorisation which was extremely straight forward. I would really recommend Get Dental Plans to anyone and have encouraged all my friends to call them.  In all honesty why get hit with a huge dentist fee when there is no need?!

Jane Franks


I just wanted to thank you for the fantastic service offered by Get Dental Plans. As you know, I chipped a tooth and needed treatment at a cost of £180.00. I was almost embarrassed to call you as I felt that there was no possible chance that I would be covered. However you immediately put my mind at rest and told me to fill out the claim form (which was actually a very simple process ) as I would be covered. I could hardly believe my eyes when a few days later a cheque arrived in settlement of the claim. It is so refreshing in this day and age to deal with a company that honours its promises and is an absolute pleasure to deal with.

Martin Arnold


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