Dental Insurance Employee Benefits

Company Dental Insurance Plans

Comprehensive dental insurance cover for:

  • check-ups

  • x-rays

  • hygienist

  • fillings

  • crowns

  • bridges

  • implants

  • root canal

  • extractions

  • peridontal treatment

  • emergency & accidents

  • NHS & private

No need to change dentists

Competitive rates and immediate cover available.

A good salary and employment terms used to be enough to attract and retain great staff members – but when you want the best team possible, it’s vital to include valuable employee benefits into your employment package.


You need to make sure that you’re offering additional extras that will demonstrate that you value and appreciate your team’s contribution to the company.  By providing staff savings and other benefits that will help individuals and their families, your reputation as a great place to work and an employer that truly cares about its workforce can only grow.


Many small-business owners mistakenly believe they cannot afford to offer benefits. But while going without benefits may boost your bottom line in the short run, it could strangle your business's chances for long-term prosperity.


High on the list of must-have benefits is dental insurance and at Get Dental Plans, we can provide this benefit to you and your employees.  We provide a seamless approach to the planning, placing and administration of your company policy.


We work with leading insurers, whose dental insurance plans are designed to offer your employees excellent cover, outstanding benefits with generous limits.  If your Company has an existing dental insurance plan, please contact Get Dental Plans for a free review to ensure you are receiving the most comprehensive benefits, at the most competitive rate of premium.


Group dental plans are available for companies, with no pre-joining checks, or qualifying periods and employees can start claiming straight away, exclusions may apply to some pre-existing conditions. Cover is available for everyday costs, such as check-ups, examinations and x-rays. It will also include cover towards scaling, polishing and hygienist's fees.  In addition cover is available for dental treatment, such as fillings, extractions, crowns, bridges,periodontal, veneers, mouthguards and dentures. Implant cover, root canal treatment and child orthodontic cover can also be included within a plan.


Employees can continue to use their existing dentist and we make claiming simple and stress free.

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